A crowdsourced documentary, SACRED will be a tapestry of footage depicting life's SACRED moments, from your point of view.
The holy peninsula of Mount Athos, Greece is home to over 1,000 monastic monks. The monks at Athos worship in near complete isolation from the outside world.
If something is coming up that is SACRED to you, grab a camera and take us and all our viewers along. Send us your footage and we might share it with the world as part of our final film.


SACRED aspires to be the most inclusive and comprehensive movie about humankind’s search for the divine. Why are we making a crowdsourced film? We want it to be personal, up-close and from your point of view. Traditional filmmaking does not always give us that access. You know what is sacred to you better than anyone else. The final film will be a tapestry of footage depicting life’s sacred moments from around the world. The filming period will continue through June 21, 2014.